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In operation for over 20 years our vertically integrated facilities with German knitting and dyeing equipment is complemented by sewing machines imported from Japan. This combination ensures high quality, on time delivery and competitive pricing to our customers.

Supported by an experienced staff working in a modern plant specializing in knitwear, our team follows your specifications from initial sample development to the finished designed product. With a production capacity of 1,000,000 pieces each month we can accommodate all our customers orders in a timely fashion.

Our headquarters are strategically located in Ningbo, a major seaport and industrial hub in eastern China. Our main production facility is situated nearby, in the city of Lanxi. Meanwhile, our management team is based in the province of Quebec, Canada.




  • Our hands on work ethic and excellent supervisory staff eliminates the need for sourcing agents or trade companies therefore saving you time and money

  • We speak English, French and Chinese fluently and travel throughout Europe and North America on a regular basis therefore cultivating an excellent understanding of world markets and our clients requirements.

  • We control and provide all elements for the creation of your Brand from knitting the fabric to the finished embellished product.

  • Our German and Japanese equipment is equal or superior to manufacturers in any other industrial country

Many of our garments are made from high-quality Siro spun cotton

The numerous benefits of Siro spun cotton include:

  • SOFTNESS : Siro spun cotton is softer than regular cotton due to the spinning process.

  • STRENGTH : The Siro spun spinning technique aligns the fibers more closely, resulting in a stronger yarn and more durable garments.

  • REDUCED PILLING :Siro spun cotton resists pilling, allowing your clothes to maintain their smooth appearance for longer.

  • ENHANCED BREATHABILITY : The tight alignment of fibers allows for better air circulation, making Siro spun cotton garments more breathable.

  • SMOOTH FINISH : Siro spun cotton fabrics have a smoother surface, providing a luxurious appearance and feel.


Lanxi Orientex offers a variety of open width fabrics and blends including cotton, polyester, cotton-polyester, lycra, spandex and wool in two end fleece and three end fleece, rib, flat-back rib, lacoste, french terry, jersey , Interlock , Jacquard , Sherpa, Lace and Fake Fur along with many other types of fabrics.



13-15 february 2024

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Las Vegas Convention Center
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Magic Fashion

13-15 February 2024

Texworld Paris

3-5 July 2023

MAGIC Summer Show

7-9 august 2023
Booth: 66002

Canton Fair

october 31st - november 4th 2023

International Apparel and Textile Fair Dubai

27-29 november 2023

Lanxi Orientex Canada came into existence after a decade long relationship between two business partners one from Canada and the other from China.

Recently they have decided to supply the promotional apparel market in Canada with on hand product soon to be available in Montreal. For large quantities apparel can be shipped direct from the factory blank or decorated delivered by air for a fast turnaround time directly to their promotional distributor partners.

Flying the Canadian and Chinese flags side by side at the factory entrance in Lanxi China represents not only the homeland of each partner but also the technical expertise, creative visions and shared values that have contributed to their success in the industry.

These partners no longer see themselves merely as business associates but rather as a family united by a common passion for textiles.


At Lanxi Orientex Canada, we firmly believe that partnerships and human relationships in the business world are the pillars of success.

We are committed to maintaining an inventory of targeted styles at highly competitive prices.

Our garments are ready to be offered to corporate, educational, and sports markets with the option to add your brand or logo.

Lanxi Orientex Canada shares the same objective as Orientex International.

We continue to provide our customers with manufacturing opportunities for private label clothing in full containers or less-than-container loads.

Our priority is to offer you unique and high-quality clothing, customizable according to your desires and needs.


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1020 rue Bouvier suite 400, Quebec,QC, Canada, G2K 0K9

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Richard Gendron: +1-581-705-8620
Business development manager
Patricia Atsama: +1-581-705-8620

Room A1-1109, Lantian Road No.203, Ningbo, Zhejiang China, 315012

Office Telephone : +86-574-87146234
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